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At Addo Events, our commitment to charitable causes permeates every aspect of our charity event planning services. We understand that orchestrating a successful charity event demands a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and compassion. With our experienced team by your side, we guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your philanthropic endeavors reach their full potential.

Viewing charity event planning as an opportunity to amplify the impact of your cause, we are dedicated to providing the expertise and support you need. Whether you're raising funds for a local nonprofit, supporting a global initiative, or championing a specific charitable mission, our team is here to make a difference with passion and meticulous attention to detail.

Our collective experience in the realm of charity work stands as a testament to our passion for giving back. We recognise that every successful event is underpinned by a purpose, a cause that resonates deeply. As we plan and execute these charitable endeavors, our goal remains consistent: to create memorable experiences that not only touch the hearts of attendees but also leave a lasting, positive impact on those in need.

Proudly weaving philanthropy into the fabric of our work, we look forward to creating more moments that contribute to making the world a brighter place through the love, generosity, and care that define our charity work.





that leave a legacy…



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"Enlisting the services of Addo Events was a game-changer for us, enabling the seamless execution of a premium event without depleting our in-house time and resources. Addo's specialised expertise guided us through every phase of the process, from adeptly sourcing venues and leading committee meetings to handling intricate design and print tasks, facilitating communication with donors, guests, entertainers, and venue management. Their comprehensive involvement extended to flawless production and on-site management during the event, with diligent follow-ups post-event. Remarkably, Addo Events skillfully managed and controlled the budget, concluding the process with a transparent financial statement that meticulously outlined the achieved outcomes. Addo Events truly delivered excellence at every turn"

Hope For Children

“From all of us at the Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust we would like to thank Team RRF for organising an iconic Rugby festival in Robbie’s name year on year and supporting all those young people that have no choice but to fight cancer on a daily basis, Robbie’s Rugby Festival has something for everyone even for non rugby fans and goes way beyond our expectations everytime. Thank you.”

The Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust

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