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With unwavering dedication, our mission is to craft extraordinary and personalised experiences, be it opulent weddings, exclusive parties, or prestigious corporate and charity events, both within the UK and on the global stage.


At Addo Events, our hallmark is the fusion of boundless creativity with meticulous attention to detail. Our overarching goal is to deliver events that leave an indelible impression on each guest, from the moment they step in until the final farewell. We are committed to creating occasions that resonate with the essence of our clients' personalities or brand identities, and we spare no effort to achieve this.


Meet the Brilliant Minds Behind Addo. Our team is a fusion of talent and innovation, dedicated to shaping your luxury event into an unforgettable masterpiece. With their expertise, creative flair, and eye for detail, our professionals turn dreams into A reality. We're here to ensure that your event, whether a wedding, party, or corporate gathering, reflects your unique vision and leaves an EVENT TO BE REMembERED.

Addo's Responsibilities 

Addo Events has its roots in organizing charitable events, and our unwavering dedication to philanthropy serves as the guiding force that molds our company. This commitment is exemplified through our annual fundraising efforts and flagship festival, all of which contribute to the RoBBie Anderson Cancer Trust.

When planning events for clients we carefully consider the environmental impact of anY event AND GO TO GREAT LENGHTS TO KEEP OUR CARBONFOOT PRINT TO A MINIUM. We firmly believe that it is our corporate responsibility to actively pursue more sustainable practices in our operations..

We believe that the optimal potential of a team is realised in an open and inclusive work environment where individuals feel free to be themselves. Addo takes pride in fostering diversity within the workplace.

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