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At Addo Events, we specialise in crafting unforgettable private parties with expertise that goes beyond the ordinary. Our team takes pride in meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to understanding the uniqueness of each client. From intimate anniversary soirées, to fabulous birthday celebrations, we pride oursevles on transforming diverse visions into seamless, extraordinary experiences. 

​Private parties are not just gatherings for us; they are cherished moments in time that we believe should be celebrated. with a focus on creativity and seamless logistics, we curate events that leave a lasting impression on hosts and guests alike. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of private party planning, ensuring that every element aligns for an experience that exceeds expectations.






that leave a legacy…



Your       Vision

Our Expertise

we take immense pride in our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to understanding the unique preferences of each client and have a knack for seamlessly transforming your visions into extraordinary experiences. From establishing an ambiance perfectly aligned with your style to incorporating personalised touches and orchestrating entertainment that harmonises with your imagination, we thrive on turning dreams into reality. 

collaborating closely with you to establish the foundations and essence of your event, we embark on the journey to craft a truly memorable party. With our expertise and over a decade of experience, we comprehensively cover all aspects, including venue sourcing, catering, production, event design, budget management, and more. Our commitment is to ensure every element is thoughtfully considered, resulting in an unforgettable experience tailored to your vision.


Our Mission



"I never imagined being able to enjoy the party as much as I did, but from the minute people stepped in they seemed to just “get it” and the atmosphere was truly phenomenal. I cant actually put into words how good the party made us and our friends feel - to say the word “WOW” has featured a lot in letters would be an understatement. Addo blew us away, I now truly appreciate what a difference you made to us “just” having a party. Thank you for the most special party, you made 200 people very very happy, we couldn’t have wished for anything better. Could not have done any of it without you guys, we actually enjoyed the party more than everyone else which is saying something. Having had a party we totally get what a difference Addo makes, it’s the difference between being good and being memorable"


"Thank you to the amazing Addo events team for creating an event we could only have dreamed of. The teams professional approach at every step of the planning process provided us with the support we needed to carry out our party plan. With team Addo's help we could truly relax and enjoy the process knowing that the teams highly experienced background meant that they could guide us in the planning and production. Their immense creativity and efficiency carried and created our dream through from start to finish to create a truly unique and spectacular evening bringing our dream to life!"


"Every single detail was expertly looked after – nothing was stressful, you and your team were the ultimate professionals - and it was simply beyond our expectations. The food was outstanding, the service excellent, flowers were exquisite, gospel choir absolutely knocked it out the park (totally setting the tone for the evening!), the venue totally came into its own in the weather – and all the small details were just perfect – the candles, escort cards, cocktails, G&Ts, stationary etc – were all just so beautiful"


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