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So with the last few months have been taken up with adapting, planning, strategising, brainstorming, and above all staying sane, it's about time we got back to some light relief and immersed ourselves once again into our blog.

With the third lockdown well underway, and now being in our favourite season of cosy knits, fires, copious amounts of tea, and candles we thought we would remain positive and reminisce about how magical winter weddings really can be.

Whether in a marquee or venue, never doubt the atmosphere a winter wedding or party can bring. In the Summer the pressure to have the perfect summers day, can for some be too much. In the Winter we know what to expect, as a consequence you therefore plan from the offset to have heating, a wet weather plan, and the ability to have the whole event inside. There are so many unknowns of a summer event, that don't become concrete plans until the week of the event, and in many cases even the day of. However a plus side to a winter wedding is there are far less plan B’s. If you’re having a smoking area and getting married in December it will one hundred percent need heating, a fire pit or some kind of warmth. If you are having a magical marquee winter wedding there is no debate about whether to have a hard boarded floor or not, the answer here is you simply can't not!

So here is my advice, with a Winter wedding or a party. Embrace it for what it is, and be proud of it. When you are in the planning stages always cater for lots of candle light, and I mean lots, smoother them everywhere; in tealights, vases, on the tables, on the side in lanterns in hurricanes. Go wild! Have your ceremony by candlelight, do something a little different and embrace the season you find yourself within. You cant go wrong here, its romantic, inexpensive and looks incredible.

Make sure a smoking area is always heated and has lots of blankets in reserve, as well as buckets of sparklers - always a wonderful touch for that epic evening photo with your girlfriends, when they are prancing around (safely of course) full of excitement with you in the middle. That natural, unposed, candid shot - perfect!

Be brave with your colours, be bold, you can get away with so much more in the dark! Bridesmaids in black with a pure clean bouquet of white roses, is not only simple, but looks stunning. The fashion accessories for brides with cover ups, shawls and jewellery is insane, embrace this, add a touch of something different for your evening outfit.

Be a little different. It might not look like the “traditional” wedding you once had planned with your best friend at primary school, but I promise you it will be worth it. The pictures after will look insane, especially with a few black and white ones popped in there!

ps never forget the fireworks! They are just a MUST!

Until next time stay safe x

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