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So for those of you who know team Addo it will come as no surprise that our perfect tipple needs to include a dash of Gin! Not only does it make a great drink in our opinion, but it can become the theme to a party and add a fab extra touch when creating a Gin bar! However its not just Gin that can be the perfect tipple, the list is endless! When hosting any event the drinks reception nine times out of ten is the first time guests will be presented with an alcoholic beverage, and we always recommend that needs to pack a punch! Excuse the pun! So whether its a Cocktail, a fancy Mocktail, or the iconic glass of bubbles, here is our top five must have tipples that have to be on the welcome drinks tray:


The iconic glass of bubbles, whether that be Champagne or Prosecco it doesn't matter. In a gorgeous tall flute or an elegant saucer you can't beat the original party drink. Its associated with every celebration going and it even has its own emoji! Never think this is a boring option, how you present it to guests is key. Choose stunning glassware and eye catching trays, or even display in a tower on the bar!


A cold bottle of Lager. The boys (and girls) must not be forgotten about. Whilst many love bubbles, many men would prefer a nice, cold, chilled beer to start the party. Ensure these are available on trays or even self service. Many display them in cold ice baths, wheelbarrows or in Champagne buckets on the bar. However you display them and wherever they are, they are always guaranteed to be a hit.


A fancy Mocktail. Everybody has a different opinion on what this should be. For ease many go with an Elderflower Fizz which is a fail safe, we always suggest to serve in a flute with a nice sprig of mint and a raspberry so you can tell it apart from the champagne on the tray easily, but non alcoholic drinkers don't feel different. Or our favourite Mocktail of the moment is the English Garden, full of fresh mint, apple juice, ginger with a touch of elderflower and fizzy water it is a firm favourite amongst our clients, and you often see many drinkers choose this throughout the party for a quick refresher! It also looks lovely with all the vibrant colours and is the perfect cooler in the summer heat. You cant go wrong with this Mocktail.


The Cocktail! Now for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the incredible Mocktail, and not having to buy a supermarket of ingredients, we suggest to add Gin (or Vodka) to the Mocktail and swap the fizzy water for tonic and you have yourself an incredible refreshing Cocktail. Pop a strawberry in and you can tell it apart from the non alcoholic version. Or serve with a different coloured straw to the Cocktail. Either way we suggest using the same glassware. Choose a large tumbler thats elegant and matches your look. Don't forget to add some edible flowers for that final touch.


So this has become an Addo staple and that is the Gin Fizz. Simple but so popular. Gin, Fizz, a dash of elderflower, a raspberry and edible flower for that final touch of decoration. It can be any strength you wish, be served in the same flute as the glass of bubbles, but adds a different element to the offering. Some people struggle with the after taste of Champagne and this takes that sharpness away at times. The Gin Fizz is sure to get your party started! Sometimes we rename this one to become a personalised cocktail for the hosts. Thats always a lovely personal touch.

So there you have it our five drinks for the trays at any drinks reception. We always then suggest that you offer any other drinks that might be requests during the reception to be only available from the bar.This ensures that you can slightly manage the alcohol consumption, get wonderful pictures, and take your guests on a journey throughout your event! Our top tip is always to make sure you've thought about everything, the beverages can make or break a party in some instances, so make sure they taste amazing, match your look and vibe, but most importantly are presented beautifully. Its the little things that are always remembered and leave that lasting legacy of any party.

I think a gin is on the menu tonight!

Much love Team Addo x

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