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Organising a wedding or party isn't rocket science is it? Why on earth should we spend money on hiring professionals when we can save money and do it ourselves? You don't need a degree to plan a party, surely its just common sense?

Those are just a few questions we get asked on a regular basis, and we understand why. Here are a 10 reasons we believe that a professional is worth its weight and gold!

1) Professionals are exactly that - a professional in their field. Just like you are in your line of work. They know what works and what doesn't, they have the industry knowledge, the tips, the do's the dont's, the expertises, the ability to negotiate on your behalf. Essentially they have your back!

2) A regular big gulp moment is the photographers costs, how can they be so expensive! We always say that this is one of the most important expenditures. After the event, they are your lasting memory. It's those photos that will constantly trigger your happy memories and be a life long reminder of that wonderful day. They carry back up gear so no photos are lost, you aren't relying on friends taking photos getting too drunk and forgetting their role. Photographers are a fountain of knowledge and know how to get those killer shots. In our opinion the best photographers are they ones you don't even know are there!

3) Believe it or not a professional can save you money. A party planner and wedding co-ordinator are there to do just that, plan and co-ordinate on your behalf. What the job title doesn't include is ensuring that suppliers adhere to best practise at all times, that negotiations are on your behalf to get you the best price possible, and that your budget is always at the forefront of the decision making process. Planners are acting with your best interests at heart. In many cases like at Addo Events, if a discount is applied by a supplier that is past forward to you the client and not kept as profit. Transparency at every stage is key to the planning process. A planner essentially not only can cover their own cost, but can also save you money in many cases!

4) Time is the greatest gift! It appears currently during the Covid-19 lockdown we somehow have a lot of it on our hands. We recommend that you use this time to do as much research as you can, collect images for inspiration and try and to put onto paper exactly what your dream day will look like. Lockdown isn't due to last forever, in time, a different normality will return, one where things will be very different. However, I think it is fair to say, it will be a new normal, but one where time will be very valuable once again. A professional is there to save you such time, browse the internet and present you with options. It's their job to save you time, but not take the fun out of the planning process. Professionals in all areas of any event help you to be time efficient, give you access to the best products, suppliers and services in the industry, and ensures that the service you are provided is reliable and of the highest standard.

5) The hassle factor. Hiring a professional should mean that you never have to experience any hassle. It is a professional's job to ensure your planning journey is seamless, enjoyable, and goes without a hitch!

6) A little black book - every professional planner has one. It is something money can't buy. Hiring a professional gives you access to this address book of contacts, ensuring your party or wedding is the best it can possibly be!

7) Having the vision to pull it all together can sometimes be overwhelming, whether its the marquee company, production company, planner, or stylist, they do it day in day out, it's in their blood. In their hands you're safe, you can draw on their creativity and knowledge of how to ensure every last napkin looks correct with the carpet colour, name card and centre piece. There is no limit to creativity, don't hold back, just make sure you have the right people around you to pull it together.

8) In a mind field of wedding planning, we find time and time again, that brides find having a neutral sounding board as a breath of fresh air. There can be many chiefs and not enough Indians when planning a wedding, many different people to keep happy. It's a professionals job to be just that, professional. Offer you sound, and tested advice. Answer questions that might feel enormous to you, but ones they encounter in their every day work life. We always joke that the wedding planners job is to be the scape goat! If you don't like the idea that your mother-in-law is desperate to have - blame the wedding planner. It can remove any potential awkwardness and still makes sure your dream vision becomes a reality. Your planner really will become your best friend so choose them wisely!

9) On the day all you need to worry about is partying and having a good time! You don't need to worry about what time the band are due to arrive and if somebody remembered to bring the flowers from church to the marquee! You need to make sure from the moment you wake - you're stress free and enjoying the day as much as physically possible. The professionals you hire will ensure this is entirely possible.

10) Ultimately you hire a professional to produce the best party possible, they are accountable to you. Their job is to look after their client, navigate them through the planning process, and ensure the client at all times is kept up to date, knows how the budget is looking, and what the next stages are ahead. A professional is there to offer you peace of mind in what can be a mind field of a planning process.

If you need some help at any stage of your planning please do get in touch we would love to hear from you and be able to help. Even if its just a chat you're after or a sounding board, we would love to hear from you and chat through your questions over a cup of tea or maybe a gin! In these unusual times we could even zoom as we are unable to meet in person! Stay safe x

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