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When planning a wedding, it goes without saying that you'll have budgeted for all the big things, but it's those other costs that dont fall into the main categories that can be missed so easily and become an unexpected cost along the planning process. So the five things we recommend you don't forget are:

1) THE CHURCH - If you're booking a church service, then don't forget on average there is a charge of around £500 to go towards the church costs. This may be even more if you add on extras such as an organist to play during the service, bell ringers to perform that wonderful ring once you're married, or even to just have the heating turned on. Make sure you've got an idea of what these costs will be.

2) OUTMESS- Thats what the industry call it, in basic terms its all the supplier meals. Anybody that is going to be there during the day that may need refreshments. This normally takes the form of an evening meal and a variety of soft drinks with some beer and wine for your photographer, videographer, band, DJ, production.... the list can go on. Most suppliers will state these requirements at the time of booking, but if not don't be caught out and assume anything, it's better to be safe than sorry so make sure you ask in advance! They may also ask for a green room, where they can eat and get changed before they are either due to perform or they need a break. Either plan for these refreshments separately or include them in the head count for your final numbers. Sometimes a caterer will do a different meal for your suppliers and normally they are at a reduced cost to your wedding breakfast. The tip here is to be prepared and ask the questions early!

3) BEAUTY TREATMENTS - It goes without saying that the hair and make-up is on your budget sheet but don't forget the spray tan, nails, lashes, brows, facials in the lead up to the wedding and of course the pedicures. Oh and the bridesmaids and MOB - are you covering those costs to? Make this decision early and communicate it out, then budget accordingly. With your hair and make up remember your trial normally comes FOC, but if your mum or bridesmaid wants one there might be a charge for this. Again just make sure you ask so there aren't any shocks!

4) ALTERATIONS - More often than not, these are remembered in the budget for the bride, but what about the bridesmaids dresses, and groomsmen? These all come at a cost. Some shops offer a flat fee for these alterations, others do it per hour or per alteration. Be sure to ask when you decide on your dream dress/suit exactly how this process works.

5) POSTAGE - The invite costs are normally the first on the budget - but what about posting them? Did that postage charge get remembered? It's normally around £100 that can easily slip by the way side. The weight and size of the invites all have an impact on these costs as well as its destination. Sometimes having friends around the globe can come at a cost!!! Then don't forget the postage for the thank you cards. Even after the wedding you've still got a cost to remember!

These can all seem like little costs on the side but when added up they quickly reach over the £1000 mark. Thats defiantly not an amount to be forgotten! Everything should be planned out carefully to ensure no surprises occur. Transparency and communication when it comes to your budgeting are key!

If you have any questions about what to include and what not to forget in your budget we would love to be able to help and hear from you. Please do just get in touch.

Team Addo x

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