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Is today your wedding day, or is it this weekend, or is it meant to be next week?

So lets talk COVID-19 or more commonly known to us all - Coronavirus and how thats turned weddings upside down!

It came, it conquered and it feels like its turned our lives upside down. Three weeks in and as we are coming up for air, we are able to reflect and take stock on the rollercoaster we have just lived through, although who knows when we'll really be in the clear. But, that is just for those of us who have had day to day plans changed, a wedding on the other hand - thats a whole different kettle of fish!

However, whilst moving your wedding date is the last thing you should ever have to do, here are five silver linings to this unknown situation:

1) Speeches: another year to perfect those jokes. - well thats just a bonus!

2) Bills: another year or maybe just a few months to save a little more for your big day

3) Guests: times change, friendships develop and for those on the edge of your guest list - you now have time to decide if they might now be lucky enough to make the A list! Who knows it might also be the chance to cull the list!

4) Whilst stag and hen do's might have to be rearranged you can now get two for the price of one! One virtually via zoom with all your loved ones and of course the real deal when lockdown is over - if that isn't reason to celebrate twice then what is?!

5) The first dance: the dance lessons you were going to get round to do - you now can and there is no excuse as everything is possible virtually! Use this time to appoint a teacher and get that first dance up to Beyonce standard!

When the date comes around that was meant to be your big day, don't forget about it. This was meant to be the biggest and most important day of your life, It's the day you've been planning since you were born and even before you met your fiancé! So why not make sure you celebrate it in style? Crack the champagne open at 6am when the hairdresser was due to arrive, have a romantic dinner for two and cook a course each, perform your first dance ensuring you're suitably drunk, and why not even practise your vows on each other?

Support your original suppliers, we are all going through this together, so when you can finally have your magical day it will be even more special with those who have supported you like you supported them. The florist will already have bought your flowers, the caterer already scheduled staff and food, and I'm sure that trip to get the alcohol has been done. Think of the key workers and if you can donate to all those working tirelessly to help us all fight this disease and stay safe, then why wouldn't you?

It seems insensitive even writing such a blog about trying to be positive whilst others around the world are fighting for their life during these uncertain times. However amongst these strange times we have to try and continue to find some normality. The unknown seems to be becoming the new normal.

We have read and come across various blogs, advice forums, posts on instagram and a whole host of industry opinions but there is one thing we have come across which I just think is lovely to hold on to - "REMEMBER THIS IS JUST A SMALL DELAY ON YOUR FOREVER"

With love

Team Addo x

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