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A private party to celebrate a 60th/50th/18th and 20 years of marriage - now that calls for a large celebration! The original brief proceeded along the lines of a circus theme but it soon became evident that the clients were passionate about skiing and spend much time at the La Folie Douce, Meribel. This therefore called for a re think of the design and concept and very quickly Folie meets The Greatest Showman and "A Little Party never Hurt Nobody" was born. Crossing the generation divide and with some guests not knowing each other, it was important to provide something for everyone and include constant pops of entertainment to amuse the guests and create talking points.

From the moment guests arrived, they were greeted by dancers and a ringmaster welcoming them to the extravaganza ahead! The drinks reception was around the pool on a balmy late summers September evening with florals floating in the pool, with a stunning aerial artist hanging from her trapeze ensuring all champagne glasses were continually flowing. During the reception, dancers set the scene for what was to follow with one minute "stings" of dances all focused around The Greatest Show giving guests tasters of the entertainment that was about to commence. The ringmaster later declared the marquee open and guests were guided through to dine. During the next stage of the evening and whilst food was served there was amazing magic, a live photo booth, patisserie boutique and a nitrogen (ice-cream) bar. When the reveal curtain opened it was time for guests to move to the night club on the lower level of the marquee and enjoy ten minutes of incredible dancing followed by the first set from the live band. Popcorn was served on usherette trays and the mixologists ensured the cocktails were flowing in style at the feature bar, where you could find show girls legs hanging from the floral chandelier in red soled Louboutins no less!

As one guest stated - "this really is the greatest show"! Mission therefore accomplished!

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