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You have decided to throw that long overdue party for your birthday which happens to fall on October 31st but you dread the Halloween dress code and annoying comments about “being a witch or wizard” How do you pull off a truly stylish party without a cauldron or spider in sight?

Give your guests a flavour of what is to come with a fabulous invitation and send a mini bottle of sloe gin in the post with a personalised label and sticker. The personalised logo can be used at the party to design menus and stationery. Follow the theme through with a gin bar on the night, very on trend this year. Offer lots of different and delicious gins with various garnishes and don’t forget to pop in some juniper berries.

For the tables, think of autumnal colours for flowers and mix with lots of tea lights and candles. Introduce rose gold into your styling which is much warmer than silver and very fashionable. Charger plates, glassware and cutlery will all look fabulous in these hues. There are also some amazing colours available when it comes to linens so consider combining one colour for the cloths and another for the napkins but we recommend neutral paler tones for linens to complement the glassware. Slate table tops and delicate oak chairs would finish the look perfectly.

Decorate your space with mini sprayed pumpkins, squashes and even bowls of dipped conkers. Use sprayed pumpkins as escort cards with rose gold painted autumn leaves for placement cards ticking the box for the touch of Halloween!

Finally, for the added WOW factor, instead of serving pudding at the table, create a beautiful patisserie station offering mini delights such as blackberry and apple crumbles, damson jellies, bowls of mixed autumn berries, dainty meringues and sweeties. A few jellied lollipops with ghosts on would not be considered offensive!

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