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Every year at Addo we say that Easter is like Christmas but without the hassle, expectation and pressure, with no last minute dash to the shops for those “impossible mother’s in law” presents. It’s lovely to be able to source such lovely flowers, decorations and styling options at a time of the year when everything is about new beginnings with the herald of Spring.

At Addo we are mad about white. It is such a fantastic base for adding and blending other colours and textures. We like to keep everything neutral for an elegant look. Flowers can be one colour but remember to use different varieties to mix it up a little. Tulips, especially the double headed variety are perfect, just make sure if they are the centerpiece on the table, all your guests can see over or around them. Hyacinths offer the perfect scent and are beautiful in baskets and iron pots. How about adding in some pretty pea lights for warmth. If cost is a consideration, stick to narcissi or late flowering daffodils which will be cheaper to buy if you no longer have any in your garden. And don’t forget that white chocolate eggs will complete the look as well as adding a delicious edible treat which of course Easter is all about.

If you prefer to go for colour, what’s nicer than blue hyacinths complemented with lots of mini purple wrapped Cadbury’s eggs in little glass pots. Glass looks so effective and combines beautifully with white china. If it’s not too late, consider planting up some bulbs into pretty baskets for the Easter table or even re-use your Christmas wreath base, decorating it with feathers, pom poms or eggs. If using vases, consider mixing it all up with different shapes and sizes and add in some ceramic pots or even old jugs. Treat your styling like you would your Spring wardrobe with lighter layers especially when it comes to linens and tablecloths.

For the Easter tree, you can either find small branches in the woods from trees that haven’t yet blossomed or buy contorted willow from the florist. Either way you will have something from which to hang your eggs. There are so many options for decoration from hand blown decorated eggs to a plethora of shop bought options that are everywhere these days. At Addo, we would head to a local flower market and pick up some beautiful and inexpensive pieces that are totally unique and bespoke.

Finally, we can never resist a candle or two so feel free to use tea lights, church candles or tall and thin, you wont go wrong.

Happy Easter and have fun designing.

With love Team Addo x

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