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One of the main comments we hear time and time again from clients is “I just wouldn’t know how to bring the look inside the venue or marquee together”. When defining styling, we refer to Interior Architecture as you would in your home. Your home may have bare walls, floors and ceilings, but it is what you put in that space that reflects your personal style and personality. It is no different when you are organising an event or party, either indoors or in a marquee. Plain white walls, grey carpet and plastic or glass window walls are a good base from which to have some fun and creativity.

Along with the practical aspects of the space which includes seating for guests, a bar, dance floor area and reception space, it is important to think about the style and finished effect. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to theme your party? Have you a secret wish to dress as Minnie Mouse, if so a Disney party may be for you!

  • Is there a special prop from which to style your party? There may be one object or article in your house such as a chandelier, piece of furniture or a picture; a personal touch can be a perfect starting point.

  • Do you fancy something very different to your normal style? This is where you can have so much fun, think outside the box. Introduce bright funky furniture and flowers into the party, whilst it might not be your usual look it’s just one night so go mad.

  • Who or what are your favourite brands? Think about this and do some research, following through with your own design. If you love The White Company for example, keep it clean and simple but bring in colour with table linens and glassware. Create a moodboard using pinterest to help you.

If you are still struggling, let Addo Events help. Injecting the sparkle and WOW factor sounds easy but actually it takes time, thought and a sprinkling of creativity. It’s the part we love the most and can offer this service without full event management so do get in touch.

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