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With fourteen days to go until the most romantic date of the year, St Valentine’s Day, it is quite likely that the evening will end in a marriage proposal for many couples. Once the ring is on the finger, the fun begins to plan the wedding.

At Addo Events we recently had a conversation with an intern about what we actually do. It came as a bit of a surprise to all of us when we reflected on past weddings that we were privileged enough to be asked to co-ordinate, and, as a result we have compiled a light hearted diary of a day in the life of an Addo wedding planner.

8am arrive on site, re-erect fallen down fence, hammer located in the Addo “bag of life”.

9am paint signage boards, paint to be found in “bag of life”

10am request from ushers for Red Bull, trip to local supermarket

11am caterers arrive minus matches, “bag of life” to the rescue

Midday best man arrives without luggage, quick call to local taxi company, later rescued from London

1pm make friends with "Henry the Hoover" and remove florist’s debris

2pm storm approaching, linings flapping and smashed flower arrangements, re-do flowers and re-hang marquee linings

3pm band arrive for sound check, supply with food and drink and create a “special place” for THE DIVA to get ready

3.30pm its all go, race to church for arrival of guests, squeeze too many people into small pews

4pm arrival of the bride, race down the road to retrieve bouquets from the boot of car

5 pm race back to house to collect the canine pageboy

5.05pm coax reluctant canine pageboy to church with biscuits

5.30pm locate all ushers and bridesmaids with gentle reminder that photographs are taking place

6pm feed small bridesmaids endless lollipops to keep the sugar levels up

6.30pm help bride to luxury trailer being careful to avoid splashing “portaloo blue” on expensive wedding dress

7pm clear reception area and replenish candles, tidy loos

7.30pm be an extra “eye” for photographer for that special shot

8.30pm rip to Bridesmaids dress, sewing kit to the rescue

9pm supply bride with lippy and scent for a quick refresh before the dancing commences

10pm heart stopping moment at the patisserie station, call ambulance

10.55pm locate bride for fireworks display, burly security guard performs fireman’s lift to get her there by legal cut off time of 11pm

Midnight clear tables and retrieve lost property including marriage certificate

1am round up remaining guests, herd into boot of car and deliver to hotels

2am kill the generator and head home for a couple of hours sleep

7.30am de-rig begins arrive armed with packets of paracetamol and water for all of those sensitive heads!

We adore every minute of planning a wedding, from the necessary jobs to what we call “going the extra mile”. If you need your hand holding on the most special day of your life, let us know as we would love to help you.

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