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With Highclere Castle as the fabulous venue and a 50th Birthday party client with a passion for travel and nature, guests at our most recent event were treated to a journey “around the world in eighty days” all in the space of six hours.

Phileas Fogg and Passepartout would have been very much at home in the sumptuous surroundings of the Castle and guests pulled out all the stops with their costumes, our favourite being the packing box! Add in lots of balloons (hot air of course), signposts, suitcases, wonderful lighting and the scene was set.

Arriving to a walkway of camels, elephants and penny farthings not to mention exotic flowers and parlour palms, party goers were really transported back in time. Our gorgeous trio of entertainers sang Victorian parlour songs from the grand piano and a delicious dinner was produced with an international theme.

Our favourite part of the event was designing and producing the personal touches taking inspiration from such an incredible backdrop. Being “creative” with the theme, we designed an “around the world in 50 years” logo to fit with the client’s birthday. The moment guests arrived they started their journey by being given their luggage label boarding pass informing them where they were to fly during the evening and ending when they landed at their table destination!

We placed name tags hanging from a balloon within the water glasses to look like a message in a bottle and scrolled napkins opened to reveal vintage “menu” maps. Butterflies were intertwined within the exotic centerpieces and miniature birds in the flower arrangements.

Guests continued the evening dancing in the main hall and taking coffee in Highclere’s “reform club” transformed for one night only!

Thank you to: Highclere Castle, Jigsaw Events, Wildabout Flowers, Holly Clark, Liquid Media, Julien van Mellaerts and the Hifi’s!

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